Supported Insurance Lines of Business & Products

InsPro Technologies offers comprehensive, flexible, and innovative insurance software applications, products, and solutions built to support a wide range of products with exceptional depth of features.

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The InsPro Enterprise system is adept at supporting all of your group processing requirements. Whether you administer True Group, Voluntary, Worksite, or Affinity products, we offer a proven system that affords you the flexibility to handle the nuanced features for each of these product lines. As a highly configurable platform and insurance software application, InsPro Enterprise easily supports the unique policy administration, billing, and customer service aspects of each group market segment.


InsPro Enterprise has you covered for individual lines of business; whether you are porting ex-group members to individual policies, or selling entirely new policies. From rating and underwriting to policy administration and billing options, our health policy administration system provides the utmost flexibility and configurability to meet your business needs.

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insurance software applications: accident & health

Accident & Health

As benefit offering costs continue to escalate, the ability to provide and administer supplementary health products remains a major opportunity for insurance carriers. InsPro Enterprise offers an end-to-end administration solution on a group or individual basis for Accident, Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), Critical Illness (CI), Specified Illness (Heart, Stroke, Cancer, etc.), Short/Long-term Disability (STD/LTD), Hospital Indemnity/Accident Protection (HIP/HAP), Vision, and Dental products.

Long Term Care (LTC)

Supporting the intricacies of Long Term Care products has been a staple of InsPro Technologies for decades. InsPro Enterprise manages all your LTC needs, from re-rating and guaranteed purchasing options to repetitive payments and ICD codes. The system easily accommodates new LTC base product and rider launches as market trends continue to shift and evolve.

insurance software products: long term care (LTC)
insurance software applications: Medicare Suopplement

Medicare Supplement (Med Supp)

InsPro Enterprise contains all standard Medicare Supplement plans out-of-the-box. Combining these plan templates with the breadth and depth of the system’s configurable Med Supp product functionality provides the capability to handle all the complexities of Med Supp administration. This also accelerates the set up process, letting you focus on loading rates and other configuration activities. You can configure InsPro Enterprise modules to optimize marketing, distribution, and internal operations (from New Business to Claims processing). In addition to full support for customer service, call centers, and distribution networks, InsPro Enterprise boasts superb auto-adjudication rates for claims processing.


For the best in insurance software applications, InsPro Enterprise addresses your life insurance processing needs from simple to complex. We support Term Life, Whole Life, Final Expense, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, and unique variations of each product for our clients. This life insurance system alleviates your pain points, whether they center on loans, 7702/7702A requirements, natural disaster holds, or undo/redo processing.

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insurance software applications: Annuity Administration

Annuity Administration

For investment, retirement planning, and other annuity administration options, InsPro Enterprise supports Fixed and Indexed Deferred Annuities. Qualified/non-qualified types and contributions, market value adjustments, multiple bonus models, pre/post-TEFRA calculations and taxation impacts, and user configurable indexing are some highlights of the annuity-specific intricacies the system handles.