Welcome To InsPro Technologies

An Award Winning Developer Of
Insurance Policy Administration Software

Who We Are

InsPro Technologies is based in suburban Philadelphia. We focus our business entirely on InsPro Enterprise, an end-to-end, web-based policy administration system used by insurance carriers and third-party administrators. Our dedication provides you with exceptional time to value (TTV) and improved operational performance when compared with competing insurance software vendors.

What We Do

InsPro Technologies delivers dynamic insurance solutions that help you provide exceptional customer service to your clients. We are committed to being innovative leaders in a constantly evolving market. We conduct our business with integrity, take pride in our team, and dedicate ourselves to forging strong partnerships with our clients. Bottom line, we measure our success based on your success.

Core Values

InsPro’s Core Values guide how we interact with each other and our clients. They describe who we are, and what we stand for as a company. Holding ourselves accountable to these values is critical to our success, and they lay the foundation of our company culture. Our Core Values are also TIPS for working at InsPro.

Teamwork: We accomplish more when we do it together

• We unite towards common goals and celebrate our successes together
• We are transparent and share information openly and often
• We value our differences and listen carefully to ensure that our diverse perspectives are heard
• We build strong relationships which fuel trust

Integrity: We do the right thing, even when no one is looking

• We are honest, trustworthy, ethical and respectful
• We take responsibility for our actions and hold each other accountable to our commitments
• We demonstrate strength of character and question actions inconsistent with our values
• We say what we mean, we mean what we say, and we do what we say we are going to do

Performance: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well

• We are leaders in innovation, quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction
• We pride ourselves on exceptional delivery of products and services
• We provide levels of service that exceed our customers’ expectations
• We learn from our experiences and transform setbacks into opportunities to improve

Simplicity: Simple tops complex almost every time

• We strive for the most effective and efficient solutions to complicated problems
• We keep our methods simple, allowing our products and services to shine
• We wisely identify the need for change, and continually hone our processes
• We are easy to work with, and minimize complexity for our customers