Why InsPro For Your
Policy Administration System?

InsPro Technologies is entirely focused on the insurance industry, offering a dynamic policy administration software solution that helps you provide exceptional customer service to your clients. We take pride in our team, conduct our business with integrity, and measure our success based on your success.

InsPro Enterprise is an end-to-end policy administration system built to help manage policy needs with greater capacity. The platform helps accelerate time to market for new product launches, serves policyholders, members, and agents more efficiently, and administers a wide spectrum of insurance products.

InsPro Enterprise

A highly flexible policy administration software suite that supports many of your back office processing needs in a single solution.

Group & Individual

Regardless of your business focus, InsPro Enterprise is a proven insurance policy admin solution for both Group and Individual needs.

Product Breadth

A highly configurable policy admin system that can support the intricacies and challenges associated with a wide range of products

End-to-End Services

From new insurance policy administration system implementation to data migration, InsPro has you covered.

Benefits of a Robust
Policy Administration System:

Most insurance carriers agree that keeping existing customers happy is just as important as attracting new customers. The everyday challenges for most insurance carriers are long customer wait times, painfully slow system response times for service reps, and call center redirects. These are all detriments to customer retention.

InsPro Enterprise is one of the few policy administration solution suites built from the ground up as a single platform. This lets customer services reps handle underwriting, billing, claim, or any other inquiry through a single user interface for all components of the system. A streamlined interface for customer service means faster help for your customers and a higher degree of overall satisfaction. Storing all customer information in a highly flexible data mart makes the reporting and marketing challenges of multiple, disparate data stores a thing of the past.

“InsPro Enterprise provides exceptional time to value and improved operational performance to both Insurers and third-party administrators.”

Inspro: an insurance policy administration software system that supports insurers and TPAs.