serv•ice [sur-vis]

The action of helping or doing work for someone.

Responsibly serving the insurance and financial services industries for over 25 years, we are easy to work with, and have steadily guided insurer and TPA clients through the complex challenges associated with insurance policy administration systems. 

Flexible Outsourcing Alternatives

With a number of TPA/BPO partners using our system as their enterprise platform, we offer a variety of delivery options that provide you with flexible outsourcing alternatives as your business needs require. We are also working with clients who are outsourcing new business, billing and commissions functions, and others who want to outsource entire blocks of business with the intent to bring them back in-house at a later date. We make it easy for clients to pursue various options. Our ability to outsource processes on a temporary basis (e.g., new business/enrollments) for clients is an InsPro differentiator, and is especially valued by our group/voluntary clients.

With InsPro, you can efficiently move the hosting and day-to-day application tasks of administration and management from your staff to ours. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide 24×7 support of InsPro Enterprise™ including:

  • Secure application hosting (both production and model office environments)
  • Hardware management
  • Third-party software management 
  • Complete monitoring
  • Backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Production control and management