Enterprise Platform

InsPro offers document management, self-service portals, and a Data Mart that is fully integrated with the InsPro Enterprise System. As noted earlier, we do not decouple our policy administration/product engine, however, we do readily accommodate clients who prefer to use their current systems, for claims or portals for example, rather than InsPro’s modules.

Supporting Individual and Group Life, Health, Senior Supplemental, Annuity, and Hybrid Products


Cross-functional System Components

Document Management

  • Simplify workflow with integrated document management and archiving
  • Keep communications consistent with dozens of out-of-the-box document templates
  • Correspondence, including policy pages, certificates, billing notices, agent statements, claim EOBs, and any policy letter, can be distributed by email or printed and delivered via traditional mail

Self-service Web Portals

  • Three distinct portals providing direct access for agents, members/policyholders, and group administrators
  • Each portal is customizable and designed for ease of use and self-service for that specific role

Data Mart

  • Provides a single source of truth for all policy and claim data
  • Populated with all available data and associated history from InsPro Enterprise
  • 200+ standard reports developed to support operations, sales, marketing, commissions, claims, and accounting needs
  • Ad-hoc reports can be created by leveraging the InsPro Data Mart and any third-party reporting tool

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